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 for Copper Processing

The ore is crushed and ground to liberate the copper-bearing mineral from the waste material or gangue. The reduced product is then subjected to secondary crushing and following this stage is further crushed by milling which typically involves a series of rod or ball mills. The final material particle size will normally be less than 100 microns.


During the final milling stage reagents called collectors are added to the slurry, which preferentially absorb onto the copper sulfide. These collectors render the sulfide particles hydrophobic. These copper minerals are then concentrated by flotation when air bubbles are introduced into the slurry. Frothers are normally added to the slurry to stabilize the copper particle laden bubbles at the top of the slurry therefore creating froth. The slurry or tailings from the flotation cells reports to a thickener where flocculant is added to promote rapid sedimentation and generation of a clear overflow, which returns to the process water circuit. The thickened tailings are normally further dewatered by filtration where a flocculant is added as a filtration aid.


The copper laden froth (copper concentrate) is removed from the overflow by mechanical means and is then thickened and dewatered where flocculants are used to improve the sedimentation and filtration rates. The resultant concentrate or cake contains approximately 25 to 35% copper, which is then recovered by pyrometallurgical processing.

Typical applications for flocculants are:


·        Sedimentation of the copper concentrate/ flotation tailings.

Recommended products: Qualfloc A0714, A1418, A2022, A2424, A2526 and A3226.

·        Filtration aid of the thickened tailings/thickened copper concentrate.

Recommended products: Qualfloc A1414, A2020, A2414, A3016, A3214 and A4014.